Competition Phases

Phase 1: Individual Submission

In the 1st phase anyone who wants to showcase idea can submit the design in a specified format within stipulated time with a single entry fee. Designer can submit single to multiple design(s) for single to multiple category(s). Top 3 from 6 categories (in total 18 designs) will be selected for next round.

Phase 2: Group Works

Top 18 designers will be formed into 3 different groups through lottery. These groups will be groomed through workshop by industry experts. After grooming their task will be to develop a theme and adopt the theme into the space designs.

Phase 3: Final Execution

The final execution will be done in 3 different model flats with same size. The competitors needs to use all the materials provided by the brands for the dummy flat production. An amount (allocated setup cost) will be given for the fitting and fixing. No other additional financial support will be given. The competitors will get 2 days to develop the model flats.